Night Coffee: "Ode to a Certain Level of Heat" and "Your Copy of a Book about Power"

Vagabond City: "Gender Transition Mikveh, 2019"

BOMBFIRE: "Requiem for a Small Space" and "My Junior High School Spanish Class Visited a Dictator's Tomb"

FreezeRay Poetry: More Room in Hell (horror chapbook, 2015)

NAILED: ”The Following Is Based On Actual Events,” “Devil’s Kiss (1976),” “Mr. Sardonicus (1961),” and “Carnival Of Souls (1962)”  

NAP: Newly Wild Hedgehog (chapbook, 2011)

Neon Literary Magazine: ”The Last Meat,” “Two Seasons of Crashing,” and “Angel’s Glow”; “Disintegrate In Ambergris,” “By The Tide, With Mayonnaise,” and “Diving Day”   

Monday Night: ”Dawn Cuts off the Capitol and Then Falls Back Asleep” and “In the Land and Time of Empty Beachside Towns”

Muzzle: “Among the Other Mourners of Zion”