Stevie Subrizi is a genderqueer poet and singer-songwriter in Allston, Massachusetts. They are a former member of the punky folk duo the Crazy Exes from Hell, along with Kirsten Opstad. They are also a former cohost of the Boston Poetry Slam while its home was the Cantab Lounge. Their poems have been published in places like NAILED, FreezeRay, and Neon, and they released their latest EP Nightstands in February 2021.


"Subrizi’s music [...] often feels like a current update of early, lo-fi Mountain Goats albums. Subrizi’s vocal rhythms sometimes align with [John] Darnielle’s free-flow, conversational style, although the lyrical content is often more urgent and political. 

"This is especially true of Nails, which features some of Subrizi’s sharpest lyricism yet. The EP is brimming with pointed takes on the current political crises and the threat of an onset apocalypse as well as more human and personal reflections on growth, personality and gender."

- from "YOU OUGHTA KNOW: Stevie Subrizi," by Andrew McNally, Allston Pudding, 2020


"Subrizi may be an extremely endearing performer, one whose voice exudes an upbeat charm even when the song itself is descending into bleakness, but that doesn’t make this a cheery album. 

"But still, Subrizi handles it with such verve that you can’t help but be a little fooled, and even if you see through the act, the songs are so snack-worthy that you can’t help going back for more."

- from review of "Home Alone Forever," by Victor Infante, Worcester, MA's telegram.com, 2013