I am pleased to announce that my chapbook, Alone and Naked inside of a Whale, was selected (by none other than Dustin Pearson) as the winner of Yemassee journal of the University of South Carolina's 2021 Poetry Chapbook Contest! Pearson had this to say about the manuscript:

In Alone and Naked inside of a Whale, readers are led along in an examination of perilousness and absurdity in a world in which “we are to imagine the patriarchal cis-heteronormative nuclear family structure, along with capitalism, as natural law.” The speaker, whose “body had been thrown into jeopardy” and whose “mother no longer recognized it and would not take it into her protection,” undertakes a transformative journey toward personal liberation and away from such realms and resolves, a journey that contends with erasure, other imposed human compression, and the moments that might evade those. Somehow, these poems convey gravity and reality with incredible generosity and humor. I laughed and was moved alongside this speaker such that I think I wanted to claim myself back from exhaustion and the encouraged dissociation, to keep time similarly sharp and vivid.

I'm not yet sure when it'll be out, but Yemassee is going to publish it, at which point I will happily let you know how to purchase it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everybody whose support made this possible.